31 Dec, 2013
Photography - 2013, Personal Best


2013 was a crazy year in many ways. Apart from setting up a new business and founding NIKOLAIKIKI with everything involved, creating the website, developing the clothing collection, collaborating with Berlin fashion agency Common Works and cloth merchant Lebenskleidung, travelling to Turkey to document the organic and fairtrade production, promoting NIKOLAIKIKI in Germany and other countries, doing commissioned works like company portraits, weddings and shooting the Olympus OM-D, doing a dedicated 10 weeks trip only focussing on photography, I was taking a lot of photos in the first place.


I especially did a portrait project in Cambodia for a planned exhibition and accompaning book in spring 2014. A lot of the images below are from my autumn trip through the East. Of the 25.000 images I took in 2013 12.000 originated from the trip. I took three cameras with me, shooting mostly with a Canon 5D. My most used lens was a 50 1.2, followed by the 16-35 II. I used the 70-200 4 IS only for some landscape shots and almost never used my 35 1.4, I found the 50 much more useful on this trip. It's also my most used lens for weddings.


The following 100 images are my personal favorites from 2013. I didn't choose any of the calender images, because you know them already. I couldn't help to include the monk from Myanmar, though, I simply love it.


Check them out (I included personal notes for every image) ...


2013 started with celebrating New Year's with family and friends in Berlin


This is the old Kaufhaus Jandorf on the other side of our road looked through my Canon 50 1.2. I bought this lens especially for the autumn trip, but as I had to rent it every time for a wedding I thought it was the right time to invest in this beautiful optics.


I love to capture crazy patterns, this image is from Zurich airport


I love the North Sea, that's where I grew up. The above image is in the harbour of Hooksiel, this one is my mother with the cat Blacky on a friend's property in Friesland


Harbour Cologne


Depeche Mode venue at Kaufhaus Jahndorf, Room of a friend in Hamburg


Arendt at Bobby Reich at the Hamburg Alster


Building in London, with Henning in the dome of the Reichstag


Festival of Cultures in Berlin


These two are from a trip to Lago Maggiore with the Olympus OM-D


Berlin Street Art


I really like this one, it's a quality control of the GOTS production with Common Works and Lebenskleidung in Izmir, Turkey


I really loved the project Stadtlabor Weinbergspark against gentrification


I was shooting the Olympus OM-D in London, these guys are two of my best friends from New Zealand


A friend from Switzerland visited us in Berlin and we had this delicious olives in Mitte


A different perspective


I was invited to Biennale Arte in Venice this time, the above is an artwork with spices


Decayed sunflowers lit by a fire


I liked to attend this wedding as a friend


Party in late summer


Artwork from Art Basel


Audience at Mauerpark karaoke


Die Bäume at King Kong Klub Berlin


Crazy sky out of my window


SEA + AIR at Freifeld Festival, Oldenburg


Squirrel in Warsaw


Old men playing chess in Kiev


Kiev underground


Moscow is crazy, some musicians in the streets and impressive buildings in black & white


St. Basil


People in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on a market and kids on a bench


The Kyrgyz were really cool and they liked to be photographed, as those women in a car. Women wear headscarfes when they are married.


Animal market, Karakol, Kyrgyzstan


Children on the way to school in Tasma, Kyrgyzstan


Three men on a carriage, love this


Our host mother in Tasma


Those kids were incredibly cute, we couldn't get the little one with the yellow sweater to smile :-)


Kyrgyz landscapes were pretty amazing


Approaching crazy Beijing


Beijing resident


Ancient cities in China


... and their residents, look at the ham right above!


Guards in a park, China


Cutest twins


Different ethnic people in Shanghai


Gorgeous Guilin, China


Crazy Hongkong, The Peak and bamboo scaffolding


In Singapore I liked Little India and the Muslim quarter


Man kicking a coconut, great


A mirror artwork at Singapore Biennale


Angkor is incredible, many people seem to find that as well


I have to thank my travel partner Carmen who shot a lot of images, too. The tropical flower above and our friend Chamroeun were shot by Carmen


My project in Cambodia involved a lot of handicapped people who lost arms or legs due to landmines


This is one of my favorites from Cambodia, it's a young woman with her son in a hospital


I interviewed an Apsara techer and photographed her students


Oops, tried grilled tarantulas for dinner in Phnom Penh


Soldiers on Cambodian National holiday


I tried to capture the Khmer smile, I'm confident I succeeded


I love this Khmer style, covering every part of the body


One of my most loved places in Thailand, secret


The most impressive pagoda in Myanmar, the Shwedagon in Yangon


The banana shop, Yangon


This is one of my favorite pictures from Myanmar, a woman in her kitchen on the countryside in central Myanmar


The Burmese are fun and you can see that


Incredible landscapes in Myanmar as well


My best action shot this year and the most beautiful woman 2013 in my mind


The Burmese go by bus and they are packed like sardine cans


Crazy trees in central Myanmar


We've been invited to a Burmese wedding on the countryside


July preparing dinner on the countryside


Monastery with monk in morning mist


Father and son on the way to the fields and woman with typical Burmese headscarf


Inle Lake


Young monks in the morning and people in Bagan, early evening


Mandalay hill after sunset


On my last day in Myanmar we were driving around with a motorbike, I took photos from the backseat, this snap of a melon vendor is one of my favorites


I flew back from Bangkok with a Boeing 787 via Stockholm and could capture the sunset over Sweden in this special shot


You don't need to travel far to see great sunsets, this is my favorite of 2013 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany


Last one is my personal favorite, a monk in Amarapura, Mandalay region, Myanmar (thanks, Neill, for telling me!)


Phew, this was 2013. I'm really looking forward to next year, I'm pretty sure it'll be awesome as well with lots of new things coming up.


All the best to all of you, a happy 2014 and thanks a lot for supporting NIKOLAIKIKI, I'm very happy to do what I do!


See you next year!






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