12 Jun, 2014
Society - News, 05.06.-12.06.


Here are interesting articles and videos from this last week:


Let's start with the World Cup. I will boycott it. Why? John Oliver from HBO has some explanations here. Watch how Brasilian government forces use tear gas against the protesters, from today, here.


Protests on Taksim square in Istanbul have led to brutal police acts. Amnesty set up a support page to solidarise with the peaceful protesters. It's here.


A very interesting video that explains the very awkward story behind Julian Assange and him being trapped in the Equadorian embassy in London, here.


A video about the US EPA regulations and the consequences for the environment, here.


This is an interesting German article about the team behind Edward Snowden, here.


I really enjoyed the interview of Abby Martin with Noam Chomsky about war and imperialism, here.


Some interesting German information about the GMO industry and their strategy to occupy Europe, here.


This is a really good German article about what the TTIP would also mean, here. I have little hope it can be overturned.


If you want to do something against the plans of the Bundesregierung to advance Fracking in Germany you can sign this petition here.


Three years ago Fukushima shocked the world. Today nobody speaks about it anymore. Tons of radioactive water still seap into the Pacific every single day for the last three years and their are no signs it's going to change. The consequences for people in the region and the generations after are very bleak. Watch this!


If you're interested what real scientists have to say about the financial situation, crisis and the consequenses of debts for us and future societies, this blog site is really good.


And one amazing interview with a German professor about the emancipation from abundance in a post growth economy, it's here. It has three parts and is over two hours long but well worth it.


Now something beautiful for last, crazy flowers that look like humans, ghosts or animals, here.


See you later!





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