5 Jun, 2014
Society - News, 22.05.-05.06.14



I decided to collect interesting articles and post them into the blog roll instead of just sharing them on facebook so that everybody who may be interested can read them. This is only kind of a news ticker instead of an individual article that contributes to the flood of information we are exposed to. Some articles are German, most of them are English.


First there is an article about protests of McDonald's workers for higher wages, it's here,


then I found what Noam Chomsky has to say on class warfare, it's here.


An article about China lambasting US spying tactics, here.


I collected some articles about the protests in Brasil against the World Cup, one is here, another one here. There are also German ones here and here. This article about graffiti art expressing the problems related to the World Cup, here, is nice, too. There is an interesting German documentary about the doubtful event, here. I will boycott the games by the way, there are too many terrible things related to them, one being the deforestation of rain forest to build absurdly expensive stadiums for only four World Cup games and charge entrance fees that the normal Brasilian population could never afford. Bad!


Although I'm still not quite sure how serious this news site is, this German article about the weapon industry and how it benefits from the World Cup makes perfect sense, it's here.


I found this article about Americas relation to Nigeria interesting, here.


This is an article about global obesity, here.


By the way, there is an interesting article about cooking shows, here.


I liked this article about a woman who got rid of the general obsessional washing, here.


I also liked what Gregor Gysi had to say about the approach of the Federal German Bar regarding the US mass surveillance: "Die Bundesanwaltschaft leitet wegen der NSA-Ausspähaffäre offenbar kein Ermittlungsverfahren ein, weil sie keine Möglichkeit sähe, an belastbares Material über die Aktivitäten der NSA und des britischen Geheimdienstes GCHQ zu kommen. Das ist merkwürdig, weil wegen Diebstahls oder Mordes noch nie ein Ermittlungsverfahren mit der Begründung abgelehnt wurde, dass man nicht an Beweise herankäme. Ob dies gelingt oder nicht, stellt man erst im Ermittlungsverfahren fest. Wann hört die Hörigkeit der Bundesregierung, unserer Geheimdienste und anderer Behörden gegenüber der US-Administration endlich auf?" Gregor Gysi


Interesting to see what those responsible at the web summit in Stockholm had to say about why Edward Snowden and other whistleblower were blacklisted from the event, here.


And finally I liked those drawings and paintings about environmental and political issues, here.


I am collecting new articles already for the next news post.


Happy reading!





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