30 Jul, 2013
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Before I post the latest news regarding important socio-political issues I will tell you today what sources I use and why. Most of them have proven over the years to be reliable. I‘m watching the television only seldom anymore, because the net is faster and you get better access to informations you really want. On TV I‘m watching Arte or 3sat.


I customized my facebook newsfeed the way that I‘m reading the latest from trusted sources directly. Those are in my case Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Greenpeace Germany, Campact, ver.di, attac, Wir haben es satt, Peta, for US informations I‘m relying on The Young Turks, an amazingly great News Channel on youtube, the sources they quote have proven to be reliable as well, the Baseline Scenario, for latest general news I use Huffington PostBBC or the New York Times, in Germany n-tv, sounds weird but they always come up with breaking news first, a bit like Spiegel online but with far less ads and trash (n-tv happens to have a lot of ads, too, I've just blocked most of it out with a flash blocker), I read the Sueddeutsche, the taz, I also follow Emma magazine. With those sources I‘m pretty much set for trustworthy informations and it‘s often enough to spend the whole day only reading the latest news of those ones. The NachDenkSeiten are very good, too.


But it‘s not only about informations and consumption of those we need to think about all those informations and then develop our own opinion. I mean we don‘t have to but what‘s the point about being a human when you don‘t have an own opinion?


Now comes the most problematic step, based on this opinion we need to act. We don‘t need to act of course, but what‘s the point about being a human being when you are not acting according to what you really think. The worst thing about this is, most of the time it‘s uncomfortable to act. But it‘s also uncomfortable to go to work every morning, brush your teeth twice a day, do the laundry, dishwash and much more. To change something and make the world a better one, f.e. to reduce carbon consumption, to really do something against global warming, to establish better working conditions for workers in factories, to improve conditions of animals in industrial farming, it‘s no longer enough to just disagree with all that, we need to act and change our habits, vote for a different party f.e., one that promises to make it differently. We need to go without plastic bags in the supermarket to dam even more plastic junk to pollute our oceans. We need to change to a renewable power company if we want the energy turnaround, we need to consume less of everything, switch off lights when we don't need it, use less water, buy fewer electronic devices and thousand of things more that make a change and help keep our world the way we use to take it for granted.


It‘s not super hard to change one‘s habits and act, really not and it's a bit like with all things that we hate first when you think of them, they turn out to be fun when you actually try them out. Try it, it‘s worth it ...


Next time I will show you a cool shop in Berlin that decided to do it the sustainable way, Wertvoll in Prenzlauer Berg for example, and some people who work hard to make a change like "Wir haben es satt". I will also post some of the latest important issues.


See you next Tuesday




ps: I will write a dedicated article sometime in the future about my darling Evil, these two reports reached me this week, bad news of conditions in facilities in China once again and a lawsuit filed by workers of US retail stores complaining of Apple's policies to search bags of hourly workers, which takes a significant amount of their time and is neither paid nor rewarded overtime. Too bad ...



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