25 May, 2014
Society - "Playtime" exhibition Munich



I've been to Munich last weekend to find some more organic shops interested in my clothes.


I also visited the "Playtime" exhibition at Lenbachhaus. It's about work in modern industrial nations. It's pretty critical as most works focus on how workers are exploited for big companies, especially in capitalist countries. The exhibition has a pretty good e-book available which gets you a great overview here.


I liked the artwork of Henrik Olesen. He has completely disassembled a notebook into all its individual parts, it's also here. It's a critique of modern work and the dependancy of us modern workers of our notebooks. The disassembled computer reveals that it's only a machine, put in a state never able to work again like it was designed. It's broken forever. I liked that, especially as most of the day I'm sitting in front of a computer, too, and spend a lot of time being angry about defective software and problems that should have been solved by 2014.


I also liked the big wall with all the intelligent and critical slogans referring to work in our modern world. I liked the expression "The Jobbit" in this context, in the style of the very popular fantasy book by J.R.R. Tolkien.


Anyway, art is a step further often and gives you a lot to think about and to change in your own world, your own behaviors in particular.


Happy Sunday! Go vote by the way!