8 Jun, 2014
Society - The (historic) Kensington Lock



Ever thought about why Apple abandoned the good old Kensington Lock from their computers?


Seriously, the lock served me well especially at university. You can lock your laptop to a table or heating and go for lunch leaving the computer at its place without worrying about it being stolen.

It's SUPER handy!

My main computer was worth 3.000 € when I bought it, new high-end Retina ones can be even more expensive. Is it cool not to have a lock for it? It's only a slit in the aluminium frame, no big deal. A big deal, though, when your computer gets stolen from your gallery while you went to the toilet quickly for example. No Apple laptop has the Kensington Lock slit anymore.


Can't understand this. Well, I try, maybe theft is taken into account.


Good luck!