4 Jun, 2013
Society - Introduction

Tuesday will be my day for socially and socio-politically relevant issues. I will be writing about things that go on the world or in Germany and could be better in my opinion to make it an overall more social, environmentally friendly and compassionate society, something I am missing so much in every day news or that I have experienced when fighting for labour rights or keeping my eyes open when walking the streets or listening to people.

My focus will be on alternatives, though, on companies that already do different without slave-driving workers, organisations who do the right thing for decades or people in my life that live a considerate life for a long time. I will show that it‘s never to late to think and start living differently, but that it needs a little effort, sometimes we even need to say good-bye to some comfortable habits.

Things we see or read in the news, be it nuclear industry, oil drilling and polution of our nature, food control and animal husbandry, global warming, excessive consumption in every way or even the recent events in Turkey connected with demonstrations against ecological destruction, all this has been around for a long time. Instead of moaning and showing how bad things are, and the world is pretty bad for sure, I will present alternatives that already exist.

I made up the word Tubürger (Do-citizen) during my very active days on facebook at the beginning of this year. My main point with the Tubürger was that it needs a little more than just being angry, one step further is necessary to actually change something. I want to show that it‘s possible and often quite easy to really make a positive change and this way have a little impact on overall society and its possible transformation. Some small changes will have a positive affect, you can‘t deny that. Some examples out of a long list of things the Tubürger does may be ... to use public transport or ride the bike instead of going by car, especially going by car on your own. You may say no to plastic bags wherever you can. Thousands of images have shown that our oceans already overflow with plastics of all kinds. You may as well change your electricity provider to some renewable energies. You may take the train instead of the plane. You may eat less meat or buy organic food instead of genetically modified one. You may use less power at home by switching lights off when not needed ...

At some point I will translate the list of the Tubürger into English and we may add more positive habits and things that make a difference together.

My work with Common Works and Lebenskleidung has been so refreshing, too, because it's good to see once more that people around are already living or doing their business in a compassionate and environmentally friendly way, just naturally, in the case of Lebenskleidung by trading with organic materials exclusively.

From next week on I will start to take a closer look at companies like those two or traditional organisations and write about their work and philosophy believing in a positive change of our world.

Keeping you posted