11 Mar, 2014
Consulting by NIKOLAIKIKI



I seem to be a person who runs into problems with every single device I get in my hands. But apart from admitting to be a perfectionist somehow all those issues are more or less serious problems that also other people complain about. The Apple Core Rot topic for example was initiated by Lloyd Chambers to document Apple's decline in reliability and usability over the years. You can read about it here, in the drop-down menu up right you can find all different sorts of problems proven and unfixed by Apple yet.


I got problems with every single Mac I used over the last 7 years and I got serious problems with my Canons. I have to send in my Epson printer this week because it's faulty since I bought it in 2012 and I have to bring my Canon gear to the workshop this week, too, for maybe the 10th time. You learn from mistakes and from errors and find solutions to work around them. Over the years I gained substantial experience with what's good and what's not, what works and what doen't. Based on those experiences I built up a pretty big camera and lens selection. I also use a very sophisticated image processing setup, hardware- and software-wise.


I am a specialist for cameras, camera gear and camera related hardware and software, especially for Mac, for iPad, smartphones and printers. I can do consulting for any related problem or question. I have a long-standing experience with all sorts of devices, shops, workshops and people in those businesses. If you need help with any tech investment or decision on what to buy, just drop me a line.


You can also call on NIKOLAIKIKI's duties to find the best product for you and your individual needs based on my expertise. NIKOLAIKIKI works on an hourly basis and will find you the cheapest possible and at the same time best custom tailored solution. You will have to invest some money at first, for example 80-160 € net, but then you will get a product that perfectly fits you and your needs in return. And it will probably be even cheaper than running into one of the big electronics stores and ask a sales person. Not to speak of the money you save on something that is sufficient for your needs instead of buying the more expensive thing that you don't need or the money you save by not having to upgrade or replace an insufficient or wrong choice.


I can do Mac SSD and memory upgrades for example. It's not very difficult but you need special tools for it and it takes some time, especially when you're not familiar with it.


I can find you the cheapest parts, which takes some time, too, and requires experience with trustworthy shops.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


NIKOLAIKIKI can take the work out of your hands and give you peace of mind.


With pleasure!


Think about it.





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