21 May, 2013
Documentary - GOTS production, Izmir, Turkey

The following footage is from a visit to the production facilities a week ago in Izmir, Turkey, for the upcoming T-Shirt and Pants collection. The clothes are produced under the GOTS seal www.global-standard.org that provides an industrial standard guaranteeing sound labour laws and conditions, industrial safety, no child labour, reasonable wages to afford a normal living, no toxics and at least 70 % of organic materials. In this case organic percentage is much higher with 100 % organic cotton for the T-Shirts and 95 % for the Pants (there‘s 5 % Elastane included in the Pants to keep the shape). Every step and every company involved in the production chain has to be GOTS certified, here even the feed for the manure producing livestock for the cotton fields is organic. The factory where the clothes will be sewed is producing for Alnatura or Armed Angels in Germany for example.

The T-Shirts and Pants have been designed together with Common Works Modeproduktion Berlin www.common-works.org, which is an amazingly great fashion agency based in Berlin that is focused on social and environmentally friendly clothes production. Marte, Odila and the others are a real pleasure to work with and there‘s more to come this year and hopefully in the future …

The fabrics come from Lebenskleidung Berlin www.lebenskleidung.com, a cloth merchant that only trades with organic fibres especially from Turkey and India. Jan has also arranged the photoshooting in the factories and his good relationship to his partners in Turkey made it possible to get an insight even into the dye factory and every room we wanted to enter. It was a very special experience, very intimate and I in particular learned that production conditions are really even better than I expected, very pleasant. This set of photos should give you a good impression of the making of the products available in the NIKOLAIKIKI shop from Mid June on …



So keen to get the ready-made clothes in my hands in a couple of weeks …



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