14 Jun, 2013
Photos - Portraits


Hi, this week I have been a little busy with other things, so here are some more photos finally. I chose portraits this time, as I really love this type of photography. You have to get in touch with the person you want to take a photo of, candid shots work sometimes but I think you get better photos when you have at least a brief connection to the person. The best portraits are those that transport something, be it a mood, a true emotion or something else that makes the person and is expressed in the photo. I love the challenge of getting a good shot of somebody and it's so wonderful when people like the photo afterwards. I like spontaneous photos, real moments, that's why I find commercial photography pretty boring. I will go on a big trip from October till December this year to bring back some new photos from other countries and I hope to shoot a lot of authentic portraits. Here's a little collection of my most loved category of photography ...



Have a great weekend, till next week





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