10 Dec, 2014
NIKOLAIKIKI Christmas Charity Shopping



NIKOLAIKIKI is collecting money to give to charity this year again as usual. Buy any of the products in the NIKOLAIKIKIshop and 30% of the price will be donated for Christmas to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe, an organisation that looks after homeless people in Berlin. As always NIKOLAIKIKI is shipping worldwide.


By ordering a product before Christmas through the NIKOLAIKIKIshop you will do multiple good things:


In case of T-Shirts and Pants you will not only receive super comfy, top-quality organic cotton wear, the apparel is also produced the best possible way, GOTS standard guarantees fair & environmentally friendly production throughout the entire supply chain, including fair wages, industrial safety, no child labour, low carbon emissions, no toxics, sparing usage of water, pure organic materials and much more. If you want to see how it looks check the NIKOLAIKIKI documentary from the production in Izmir, Turkey, last year. Through buying organic and fair clothes you will contribute to a better society and a sound environment and you simply help workers in the production chain and their families to live a better life.


You may as well order environmentally friendly postcards or supreme fine art prints, for example my new series "Weinbergspark 2014" from this year as gorgeous premium photo prints. 


Second, 30% of the purchase price will go directly to charity, this year local again to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe, helping the neediest of us living on the streets of Berlin.


In the end shopping at NIKOLAIKIKI also means you will support a young passionate company based in Berlin Mitte to keep focussing on documentary photography and sustainable products in the future.


Thank you so much for your attention!


Happy pre-Christmas time and thoughtful shopping!





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