25 Aug, 2016
The Balkans (part 2 of 3) - Sarajevo to Montenegro


From Belgrade we took the bus to Sarajevo, where we met Sarah, a Kiwi friend of mine who decided to live here. It's a wonderful city with a tragic history, like most of the former Yugoslavia, with the three main religions Islam, Serbian Orthodox and Roman Catholic existing side by side in a dreamy valley along the Miljacka river.


Roses of Sarajevo monuments to the bloody war


Cemetaries for some of the more than ten thousand Sarajevo victims of the Bosnian War


Though a beautiful view of the city


Fantastic vegetarian food at Karuzo restaurant


Typical Sarajevo trams



We hired a car then to make a roadtrip to Montenegro

Tara river gorge



Podgorica, the captital of Montenegro, is a little weird but fantastic in a way

A memorial for the Russian singer-songwriter Wladimir Semjonowitsch Wyssozki



Part 3 coming soon ...