1 Jul, 2014
Special - Fusion Festival 2014


We've been to the Fusion Festival in the Mecklenburg lake district the last weekend and it has been wonderful. It's a pretty alternative event on a former airforce base. They limited the tickets because it has become very popular the last years, this 18th Fusion was my first time. At the beginning I compared it to the Secret Garden Party that I've been to a couple of years ago and that I considered the most amazing festival so far.


In the end the Fusion is just a great festival on its own. I love that it's non-commercial with no brands or sponsors at all. All the food stalls are vegetarian or vegan and the event is pretty political, too. The footpaths on the area are named after famous revolutionaries and left-winged politicians. There's also a theatre and a cinema, handicrafts and clothes to buy. And a lot of music of course. I also liked the little lake nearby that made a perfect spot to relax and refresh on the sunny weekend.


People were very relaxed and easy going and you could literally dance all day to whatever music you love.


I really enjoyed the weekend and here are some pics ...



Fusion 2015, I'll be there ...