25 Nov, 2015
Special: Biennale Arte Venice


Last Sunday the 56th Biennale Arte di Venezia 2015 ended. Check out some impressions of this year's art event entitled "All the World's Futures" (see a map with all the venues):



Central Pavilion, here


Hungarian Pavilion, here


Israeli Pavilion, here



Polish Pavilion, here


Serbia, here


Austrian Pavilion, here


Netherlands, here



Belgium, here


Russian Pavilion, here


Switzerland, here


Norway, here


Japan, here


Czech/Slovak Republic, here


Australia, here


British Pavilion, here


Corea, here


Germany, here


Greek Pavilion, click here


Tsang Kin-Wah: The Infinite Nothing, Hong Kong


Arsenale, here


Albania, here


Argentina, here


Istituto Italo-Latino Americano


Denmark, here


Wu Tien-chang


China, here



Indonesia, here







That's it!


(more info)





13 Aug, 2013
Special - Biennale Arte 2013


Yo, I've done this blog post on Sunday but after uploding all the images the post crashed and I couldn't publish it anymore. So finally, here it is again, Venice was massive as expected. We spent three nights this time and still haven't seen everything. As I'm pretty busy at the moment I will post the images first and try to update it in the coming days and provide informations about the artworks and pavilons seen at Biennale Arte 2013.


Check out the images in the meantime ...



Phew, that's it, infos to follow ...





1 Aug, 2013
Special - Safe Cloud Storage


Yeah!! I'm on Wuala now, apparently the safest way possible to store your data in a Cloud. Learned from a friend about it, it uses AES-256, the same I'm using for my mobile 2TB drive, it's an encryption standard the NSA itself uses for it's data :-) People at Wuala are unable to decode your data neither your password, so they wouldn't even be able to hand it out to any government, just in case. Your data doesn't leave your computer unencrypted either and servers are based in Germany, Switzerland and France, live backing up your data to multiple locations. Not too shabby! I've put all sensible data into the Wuala Cloud now, a bit spooky, so what! Photos (1,4TB), music and system not included, those are still stored and backed up locally. I'm giving up some of the iCloud ease but that's probably the price you got to pay for safety. If you wanna use Wuala as well, use the link below and we're both getting 1GB of extra storage. Happy storing ...