16 Oct, 2015
Mosel Wine Harvest


At the beginning of October I was participating a wine harvest in the Mosel/Saar region, a very beautiful, lush and picturesque part of Germany in between the rivers Mosel and Saar, close to the Luxemburg and french border. We were invited by vintners Matz and Jonas Hild to help pick their special Elbling grapes, the most famous of a collection of home made wines. We spent a whole day on their vineyards and followed the first steps of their production line. It's a small over 100 years old family run business and they are shipping their bottles around the world. A New York restaurant owner calls the Elbling wine, this special grape of the southern wine Mosel, "Mineral Water from Heaven", and I can only agree with that ;) It's been a very interesting weekend. Check out the photos ...



The grapes get all hand picked in the vineyards.


When the mini tractor stops working due to a bursted oil hose you have to go carry with classic baskets ;)


Jonas and Matz Hild with one of the workers


You can of course try and convince yourself in the field :)


And even try some wine during a break.


We filled six of those tubs this day.


Perfect grapes


It's much easier with the tractor.


Jonas Hild in the vineyard


The crew


The harvest goes onto the scale.


We collected 2,5 tones of grapes this day. And the relatives liked it.


The grapes will be pre-hackeled and go into the winepress next to it.


From there the fresh juice goes straight into the wine cellar to be further processed.


A really old tank from inside


Work done


That's it for now. I of course got a big box of wine shipped to Berlin and I'm eager to try the bottles that we picked.


Check out their website or facebook page and make sure to try a bottle of Elbling one day, it's worth it!


See you later